SSH Photography LLC



thanks for stopping by! i am a louisville, ky based, fine art portrait photographer, who doesn't know what to say on this page :) 

 i don't want to list "stuff about me" on this page- i want to hang out with you, laugh with you, eat cake with you (gluten and corn free because getting old is WEIRD!)!

i will surely mention the loves of my life- My sweet C- the young lady that makes my heart soar, Baby B- who is not really a baby anymore, but my beloved little tornado of PURE BOY, my high school sweetheart of 20+ years, our little westie pup (who is *ALMOST* finished with his Therapy Dog Training!)

i talk way too much, love too hard, geek out about light and eyelashes, don't use punctuation except for wayyyyy too many exclamation marks, and am a wild mess of red hair at all times!!!

 i accept a limited number of clients each year. when you choose to invest in ME, know that the arrangement is mutual- i am DEEPLY invested in my clients as well and love them very much!

lets make a date :)